*Not So* Secret Shopper Program

Delivering and acting upon authentic customer insights from your retail stores

Our Approach

We send a team of diverse shoppers into your stores to examine a range of criteria and report on their findings. From there, we work with your front-line leaders (Store Managers, District Managers, etc.) to analyze the results and create an action plan around the feedback. This gives the leaders at the forefront of a brand’s retail experience the opportunity to make important improvements, while also keeping the executive team informed of the findings and in-store evolution.

Our Offering


Create a custom assessment that determines the efficacy of the customer experience in your stores.


Assess your overall customer experience through the lens of real customers, focusing on the overall environment, service, technology purchase process and more.


Produce a custom action plan that involves your front-line managers to ensure buy in and learning.


Present the findings back to the executive leadership team along with the action plan. This presentation is led by your front-line leaders.