After a change of heart, Away CEO Steph Korey will remain in her role—for now. Whether or not the original article was an entirely accurate portrayal, two things were clear: first, Korey is running the day-to-day operations for the company—likely to the point where her exit would be detrimental to the business; and second, she struggles managing and motivating people and would benefit from being in a role that requires less employee oversight. With the newly announced co-CEO title, we hope that she will transfer her institutional knowledge and people management duties over to her co-leader so that she, and the company, can move forward.

Fast-food chain Taco Bell will pilot paying select store managers $100,000 salaries. This announcement comes at a time when unemployment is at an all-time low and the job market, especially in retail and customer service, is very competitive. This will allow Taco Bell to retain its highest-performing store managers but will also widen the disparity in pay between its store manager population and its part-time hourly workers. To guard against resentment, Taco Bell should look to spread the incentives across the store at all levels. This way, it will retain not only the leaders but the individuals who keep the store operating on a day to day basis.

Bath and Body Works’ mall locations are succeeding to the surprise of, well, everyone. The teenybopper mall staple known for its scented lotions, body wash and candles has seen 40 consecutive quarters of sales growth. Most surprisingly, it seems as though baby boomer brand loyalists have been able to pass down their love for the brand to the millennial generation, who enjoy the ever-changing assortment of scented items—especially candles. Candles now make up 40% of the chain’s revenue compared to 15% a decade ago. In the future if people don’t want new candles at the same rate as they used to—and with their core offering of lotions, hand soaps and body washes declining—the brand risks ending up in the same precarious position as many other iconic mall-only stores.