Fast fashion brand, Mango, is getting a bit faster thanks to its state-of-the-art distribution center. The brand has been working hard to compete with the likes of Zara, which can bring a garment from concept to market in as little as ten days. The new facility has tripled Mango’s output and through the use of predictive models, products can ship to stores before they even know they need them. But the company should be careful pushing so much product out so quickly. With the rise of the rental market and the decline in demand for disposable clothes, Mango should watch the trends to determine if speed and volume will drive future success.

Macy’s will showcase products from female-led small businesses in its SoGifted gift shop this holiday. This short-term shop-in-shop offering adds to other initiatives like STORY at Macy’s and is not to be confused with The Market @ Macy’s, which are also shop-in-shop concepts at the retailer. This new experience, combined with its less than stellar Q3 earnings results, clearly show Macy’s has a traffic problem, a sales problem and an identity problem. Instead of focusing on bringing in buzzy brands, it should focus on why no one wants to come to Macy’s for, well, Macy’s.

Popular luggage startup, Away, announced CEO Steph Korey will step down this coming January. The news comes on the heels of a damning article by The Verge in which several employees described a “toxic work environment” complete with screenshots of condescending Slack messages from Korey. The company was already searching for a new CEO and though Korey made an apparent attempt at damage control, the article expedited the process. Perhaps they, or Korey herself, knew she was ill-suited for a people management role and was sent packing. We hope the brand will discover better cultural alignment—and basic people skills—from its new leader.