Le Tote laid out its plan to rebuild Lord & Taylor for the digital age. When the seven-year-old startup bought the oldest department store in the country, we were optimistically skeptical—and maintain that position. Le Tote thinks it can seamlessly and systematically combine its inventory with Lord & Taylor’s, which would allow customers to rent or purchase any products between the two companies. While this is easy to say, it is much more difficult to do in practice, especially when merging digital inventory management systems with retail-specific ones. That alone could take years to get right, proof that both companies have a lot to figure out before this vision becomes a reality.

In a surprise about-face, Adidas is closing its new Speedfactories and returning its manufacturing to Asia. The two Speedfactories, which had been in operation for four years and less than one year respectively, were supposed to produce small batches of limited-edition sneakers, such as the recently released Campus 80. Adidas has been working to fix its supply chain issues in Asia and has reportedly made some headway, so it makes sense that it will lean into the more efficient, higher volume suppliers. With the sneaker wars still going strong, Adidas should look for ways to stay top-of-mind for consumers—small-batch drops or not.

Digitally-native lingerie brand Adore Me unveiled a new retail store complete with nine fitting rooms and a 3D body scanner. The new location also sports the standard DTC amenities like a snack bar and refreshments, but the 3D scanner and enhanced fitting experience caught our attention. Once thought to be the fitting room of the future, 3D scanners haven’t caught on the way retailers thought (ask Bloomingdales). Perhaps the technology was too early and there isn’t yet public trust to handover very private information (detailed bust scan, anyone?) with no messaging about where this information is stored and who can access it. Adore Me will most certainly use this scanning data to inform future designs for its lingerie, but it needs to build customer’s confidence first in order for the feature to be widely adopted.