Apparently there’s never been a better time for throwback brands to make a comeback—just ask the jewelry brand Pandora which is searching for relevance and has the millennial pink to prove it. The brand redesigned its signature charm bracelet into a more versatile Pandora O pendant that can be worn as a belt, necklace, hairpiece and even a shoelace accessory. This shift toward customization is a smart move as the younger consumer is interested in personalized everything, from shampoo to vitamins. Even so, it’s unclear if these updated designs are enough to attract this customer base.

Last week, denim darling Madewell filed its IPO to help pay down J.Crew’s debts. As J.Crew has declined, Madewell has gained relevance by focusing on basics, sustainability, inclusivity and ecommerce—which accounted for 40% of its sales in the first half of 2019. Though some may think this spells the end for J.Crew, Madewell still relies on the company for a range of essential services. The IPO will buy J.Crew some time, but without a CEO it might just prolong the inevitable.

Foot Locker launched a new “incubator” masquerading as a stand-alone shopping app called Greenhouse. This app will allow the multi-brand retailer to launch limited edition products from up-and-coming designers and will track customer purchasing behavior to determine what sells in stores. With sneaker brands like Nike and Adidas pushing customers to their own stores, Foot Locker needs to build relationships with brands who will benefit from its large retail footprint. It should also continue to invest in apparel as it has with activewear company Carbon38 and children’s apparel startup Rockets of Awesome. There may come a time when Nike sneakers are no longer cool (see: J.Crew), and when that time comes, Foot Locker will be in a better position.

Men’s skincare startup Oars + Alps has been acquired by SC Johnson for around $20 million. The men’s personal care market is expected to hit $166 billion in 2022 and startups in this category are going like hotcakes—Unilever acquired Dollar Shave Club and Edgewell Personal Care acquired both Harry’s and boutique men’s skincare line Jack Black. The Oars + Alps purchase gives SC Johnson a foothold in the sustainable skincare business and allows it to expand its sustainable product line (SC Johnson also owns Mrs. Meyers Clean Day and Babyganics), giving it a leg-up on Edgewell, but still decidedly behind Unilever.