Dean and DeLuca has closed several U.S. stores in recent weeks, but their CEO is still planning a “massive” store rollout in Asia. In the meantime, recently laid-off U.S. employees are waiting for their final paychecks while artisanal vendors wait for hundreds of thousands of dollars in payment. The owners should do the right thing and pay those they owe money to before pushing forward with any expansion.

After snatching up several DTC brands over the past decade, Walmart is planning to sell ModCloth. The retailer’s new CEO sees a future without Walmart where the brand will continue exploring digital marketing efforts on Pinterest and TikTok among others, but will deliberately slow its physical retail growth. While it makes sense to clarify its messaging before rapidly expanding, digital marketing efforts will only get it so far. It may need to rethink its decision to hold off on opening stores and determine its overall reason-for-being.

Home improvement giant Lowe’s announced it will lay off thousands of workers—though it did not specify exactly how many or when. While there’s clearly a market for physical stores in the home improvement industry, Lowe’s has struggled to win over the millennial customer compared to its orange and white rival. Home Depot has succeeded because it starts building brand affinity when future customers are children with its Kids Workshop Program and retains them once they have purchasing power by constantly listening to its younger customer base. Though Lowe’s is reportedly trying to “Home Depot-ize” its stores, it needs to find its own path rather than copy someone else.

Continuing its tech startup buying spree, Nike acquired predictive analytics firm Celect to help power its growing direct-to-consumer business. Nike has struggled with product overages in the past and has a lot to gain if it can better predict demand. But to continue being known as an innovator, it will need to balance data-based decision making with giving customers new and different designs they didn’t know they wanted.