The Battle of Starcourt reminded all of us that malls used to be cool places to hang out. Now mall operators are trying to re-establish themselves as destinations once again. The owners of Westfield World Trade Center, among other properties, joined forces with a VR company to bring movie experiences to life and hopefully bring people to the mall. There’s no question that Star Wars fans will make a dedicated trip to fight Darth Vader but will they stick around to shop afterward? If there is an overlap between fans of these media brands and the product brands in the mall, then this will yield results.

With the rise in popularity of running events, Lululemon will host its first 10K in the U.S., which—true to form—will be followed by a yoga, recovery and music celebration. The race, which is already sold out and can accommodate 5,000 people, comes on the heels of a new retail strategy and the opening of its 20,000-square-foot Chicago location. Lululemon is clearly aiming to acquire new customers, but with so many new touchpoints determining what is working and what is not will be hard.

As Olympic Fever begins to set in, Gap Inc.’s Athleta brand announced it will sponsor athletes during the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. The first athlete to win a multi-year sponsorship is track star Allison Felix who recently criticized Nike for trying to pay her 70% less after her pregnancy. Athleta’s strategy can help grow awareness—as the last Olympics had close to 20 million viewers—but its focus on athleticism is a departure from its core athleisure customer. But if that’s the goal, this strategy could help move it in the right direction.

With the packed Arthur Ashe Stadium for the first ever Fortnite World Championships this past weekend, landlords are taking note of esports’ dominance by outfitting their spaces with broadcast studios, fiber internet for high-speed connectivity and video walls. The hope is to lure both players and spectators by providing a vehicle for otherwise anonymous players to meet their friends IRL and hopefully make some purchases along the way. Some landlords report spending tens of millions of dollars on renovations, but with the pace of development and the need to have the fastest, latest and greatest tech, it remains to be seen whether this is a good investment or a soon-to-be sunk cost.