As a punch in the gut to the “Retail is Dead” movement, assortment-as-a-service startup Bulletin announced its $7 million Series A round. This fundraise represents a continued push for data-driven strategies and confirms that direct-to-consumer brands need larger and offline retailers to acquire new customers. While Bulletin’s model is a stepping stone for many smaller brands that lack the ability to open owned and operated stores, it is not a permanent substitute for physical, owned stores where a company controls the entire experience.

Leave it to Japan to stay ahead of the trend curve. A recent piece by Bloomberg exposes the men’s makeup trend and how it is already spreading to America. L’Oréal, Shiseido and Estée Lauder, among others, are developing and marketing concealer, BB cream and lip balm specifically to men. Only time will tell if men are interested in shopping at stores that have traditionally been built to feature women’s beauty brands, or if they prefer to purchase from one created solely for men, which could spawn a new category of beauty brands.

Stella McCartney will become the second woman to run a fashion house at LVMH. McCartney, who is very public about her veganism, will also advise the holding company on its sustainability efforts. In addition to further inflaming the LVMH-Kering feud, this partnership will hopefully create a renewed focus on sustainability efforts by the fashion industry beyond just a marketing gimmick. Environmentally-friendly initiatives declined last year across the industry, with the greatest efforts in sustainability coming from brands with less than $1 billion in revenue.

Abigail Disney—granddaughter of Disney co-founder Roy Disney—has called on CEO Bob Iger to decrease the wage gap at The Walt Disney Company. Iger reportedly made $66 million last year while the starting wage for a Disney worker is $15 per hour or just over $31,000 per year. While it isn’t likely that Iger will respond to the heiress’ request, the willingness to at least have an open dialogue on the topic from such a prominent and powerful figure may encourage others in similar positions of authority to enact real change.