Home Depot increased its home decor offerings to fight declining sales and lure in the slow-to-become-home-owner millennials. This is a smart move for Home Depot since brand affinity already exists among millennials who attended the company’s popular workshops as children–plus, even if you don’t actually own property, a neon cactus on the wall helps make it more homey. The brand should look to broaden their family programming as millennials become parents to continue to create brand recognition.

This is the summer of odd bedfellows, from Uber x L.L. Bean to Mur-rena. Now Macy’s Outdoor STORY is bringing together Dick’s Sporting Goods and Miracle-Gro in its latest shop-in-shop. The pop-up will be located in 36 Macy’s locations until September, featuring experiences such as flower pressing and BBQ sauce making. For Miracle-Gro, this makes sense as it continues to go after the millennial customer. For Macy’s, which already has its own men’s sportswear department, the upside isn’t as clear. In pop up, Dick’s will offer its own private label apparel, meaning that Dick’s could gain more from this partnership than the department store, acquiring new customers at Macy’s who wouldn’t typically venture into the specialty store.

The ABC Carpet and Home copycat award goes to… Crate & Barrel as it plans to open a full service restaurant, “The Table at Crate” this month inside its Chicago location. The restaurant will feature dinnerware, chairs and tables that are also for sale, not only to drive traffic, but also additional revenue. Crate joins a long list of brands that now offer dining experiences as an additional traffic driver, including IKEA, Restoration Hardware and ABC. But as the novelty of this trend wears off, it remains to be seen whether these restaurants will become destinations for customers and a gateway into greater sales, or if they become a low-margin operational headache for brands and retailers.