IKEA has announced it will finally allow purchases directly through its mobile app as well as allow customers to visualize its furniture in their own homes. In the past, IKEA required mobile shoppers to “save” the furniture they wanted in the app to purchase in-store at a later date, as well as view individual SKUs in their home using an AR visualization. Something to watch will be whether this new app drives additional traffic to the stores because of increased functionality or if it acts as a deterrent since customers are no longer forced to purchase their furniture from one of its out-of-town warehouses.

According to Rimowa CEO Alexandre Arnault, superior quality will allow the company to remain a leader in the space. The 120-year-old brand has been producing suitcases much longer than competitors like Away and ROAM and 80% of it’s production is done by hand. But these younger brands sell at a fraction of the cost. While few shoppers will fall for a hand-crafted Rimowa suitcase if it means forfeiting part of a vacation, but some might prefer a higher-quality SKU since purchasing a suitcase is far from a frequent occurrence.

Abercrombie & Fitch stock took a 23% hit on Wednesday after noting weaker-than-expected same store sales in its most recent earnings report. The company also announced it will shutter three more flagship locations, including its Hollister Soho store. Crowned by Business Insider as “retail’s biggest comeback of 2018,” the publication may want to re-think its proclamation, though A&E is barely into its multiyear omnichannel strategy shift and there’s still a little time to pull it off.

Yet another tech IPO in 2019 may be on the horizon, this time from the well-funded mattress startup Casper, which is allegedly in talks with underwriters. But the mixed performance of IPOs so far this year has shown that high valuations don’t always lead to a high value by investors. The real question will be how much Casper is losing (in particular under the weight of its 200-store mandate) and how the market will respond if the numbers are not as favorable as initially assumed.