Turns out gyms just might be Amazon-proof, and legacy retailers are taking notice. While many of the department stores are downsizing or going out of business, some, like Kohl’s and Burlington are offering their empty space to Planet Fitness in the hopes that gym-goers will stick around to shop. What remains to be seen is if the gym crowd converts to actual traffic and dollars for these retailers.

We are so far away from “5 down, 95 to go”—Apple’s manifesto from the early 2000s to own 100% of the personal computing market. Ahead of the latest store opening in Washington, D.C.’s Carnegie Library this weekend, Tim Cook said Apple’s primary goal isn’t to sell its products, but rather to serve as a gathering place for learning and exploration (read: services). This makes sense given Apple’s most recent quarterly earnings call, which reported 16% growth in services, but it doesn’t mean the company has avoided backlash about its shift away from helping customers make purchases. For Apple, the key to customer loyalty has always been its ecosystem, but if it deprioritizes selling products there will be fewer customers who need to learn how to use them.

In a time when packaging is marketing—your tote bag is directly correlated to how cool you are—Glossier is reconsidering its millennial pink bubble wrap pouch. After receiving backlash on social media about their unsustainable packaging, Glossier will be offering a limited packaging option sans the pink pouch. Their response to this complaint and complaints in the past further reinforces the brand as one that is built on customer feedback.

Omnichannel is the name of the game these days. A new app called Hero allows retail brick and mortar associates to live chat, including video streaming, with online customers during downtime in the store. While this may be a positive trend for lower volume, high-touch stores in a luxury environment, but the customer experience at stores that experience high foot traffic could suffer if associates are juggling a video chat and an IRL customer at once.