1. Amazon has had quite enough of your “Whole Paycheck” jokes. This week, it announced that it will cut prices at Whole Foods for the third time in just two years.
  2. Following in the footsteps of White Castle (vegan stoners everywhere rejoice), Burger King may have done the impossible—it will begin offering a meatless Whopper dubbed The Impossible Whopper in select locations.
  3. Since CBD is now more popular than avocado toast, retailers everywhere are looking to capitalize. CVS and Walgreens will begin selling topical sprays and creams containing CBD in select locations this month.
  4. Athleta has taken experiential retail beyond the in-store yoga class by partnering up with Well+Good to launch the Wellness Collective. Now you can get finance tips while spending your money on yoga gear.
  5. After a successful capsule run and the realization that inclusivity can, in fact, drive sales, Reformation will make its size-inclusive collection permanent.