1. Hudson Yards opened in NYC this past weekend with a “Floor of Discovery” devoted to online retailers. It’s their version of the kids table for retailers.

  2. Walmart announced it will be entering the tablet market—a bit late to the party since Google already has one foot out the door.

  3. Like denim jumpers, Levi Strauss is hoping everything that’s old is new again. Citing increasing wholesale complexities and the need for capital, Strauss (LEVI) filed for an IPO for the second time.

  4. Move over Project 62. Bed Bath & Beyond announced a forthcoming private label, Bee & Willow Home. It’s just the latest retailer to prioritize owned brands.

  5. Related Companies—the real estate developer behind Hudson Yards—wants to have its cake and eat it too. Or at least own the storefronts and the logistics warehouses, according to its recent acquisition of Quiet Logistics.