Q: My corporate digital marketing team is open to suggestions on how they can support our store’s traffic-driving efforts. What are the highest impact items I can suggest to them?

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A: In our last newsletter, we discussed how to enlist the support of your marketing team in your store’s traffic-driving efforts. Now that you’ve successfully convinced them to give you a little bandwidth, here’s how to get started.

Simple add-ons

Your marketing team likely sends emails out to its customer base announcing new products, initiatives or sales. Request a geo-targeted banner on one or two emails per month reminding customers that there’s a store in their area and they can “shop this sale IRL.” If your company offers a “buy online, pickup in store,” service the banner can also remind customers to take advantage of it.

If it exists, ask if you can take a look at your marketing team’s calendar and identify campaigns in which your traffic-driving promotion will resonate most with your customers. Be sure to ask the team how far in advance email design and copy is finalized—sometimes it’s several weeks—and be sure to get your request in with plenty of time to spare. To decrease their workload, provide a simple copy suggestion for the banner in your request.

Organic Social Mentions

Most brands and retailers operate a single social media account and don’t create unique accounts for each store. If this is the case for your company, it may be difficult to send posts related to your specific store on the main feed since this channel is typically reserved for the global brand audience. However, you may have more luck with Instagram Stories. Using Stories effectively can help drive engagement without taking over the main company grid. You can take shots of your store (check with your social media team for pro photography tips) or of new products—help the social team out by writing some copy suggestions for the overlay text. If you want to get really advanced, you can post several pictures in quick succession to raise excitement among customers scrolling through the app.

Don’t Forget Your Website

Many customers will discover your brand through the website, but they may not realize it if a physical store exists nearby. Sure, you may have a “locations” tab that they can search, but many shoppers simply won’t click or will miss it while surfing the site.

Enter geo-targeted technology. You can use a pop-up or banner to notify customers within a certain radius of your store that you exist (the notification is based on IP address). While this option will require budget approval and a bit of setup, it can be used to capture customers’ email addresses, which the marketing team can use to let them know about future events and promotions at your store. You can also add a dedicated landing page for each store, which house the usual information like store hours and address, but also highlight upcoming community events and field marketing efforts specific to your location. The ability to realize this depends on your team’s bandwidth, but it never hurts to ask!

Though certainly not an exhaustive list, there are some great starting points in here. Give them a try and let us know how it goes!