While shoppers can still place an order and receive it in time for Christmas from the likes of Amazon and Walmart, many smaller brands and retailers are nearing the “received by 12/24” cutoff date. Even with the barrage of emails reminding shoppers to order now, let’s face it, there will still be those shoppers who need to run to a store to make a final purchase—or who procrastinate and need to purchase for their entire list (and we love them for it). It happens every year, so why not cater to those frantic, last-minute shoppers and drive additional revenue to your store. Here are a few things both corporate and retail leaders can do to make the most of these shoppers.

The Retail Leader Mindset

You know your customers are busy and have limited time to get the items on their lists. That’s why it’s critically important to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase. You’ve ensured that you have the right amount of inventory and optimal staffing, now you just need the shoppers.

The Corporate Mindset

You know that these final days in the year are critical—especially since this year’s calendar has six less holiday shopping days than usual. You want to ensure the stores have everything they need to succeed operationally and know the volume per-day will be higher because of the six-day deficit.

Make buying a no-brainer

The best thing retail and corporate leaders can do for their customers and team members is to make the sales process frictionless and here are a few things you can do to achieve greater customer satisfaction and higher employee productivity.

  • Pre-bundled items. Customers will be looking for the path of least resistance and one of the best things the corporate team can do is arm the stores with the data and supplies to bundle their best selling items. For apparel, this can be a best selling pair of pants with a best selling shirt; for a lower price point, a pair of underwear with a pair of socks. For beauty, it could be top-selling lip balm with eyeshadow. You can pre-package these items together and put them in a gift box, gift bag, or tie them up with a nice ribbon. You shouldn’t need to lean on discounts—the fact that you’ve paired and wrapped them should be enough to seal the deal.
  • Ask: who, who and you? Shoppers will likely be coming in for a specific person on their list, but in their haste to move quickly, they may not be thinking of who else might like something from your store. Store Managers can teach their sales associates to add “who, who and you” to their selling ceremony in the days leading up to Christmas. With this tactic, associates will ask the customer: Who are you shopping for? And who else are you shopping for? And what about something for yourself. After all, they just might need something, too!
  • Make it personal. To knock one more thing off of your customer’s to-do list, have blank notecards, pens and ribbon available in a self-service area. When a customer purchases a gift, let them know they can go ahead and write their gift message and tie it to their package before even leaving the store. Customers will appreciate the thought that went into providing them with everything they needed and will likely encourage them to purchase more of their gifts with you.

These tips are quick and easy, but will go a long way with both your customers and your store teams—and will create greater brand affinity in the long run.

There’s always something you can do to increase your Double//Vision.