New Store Opening

If retail will play a crucial role in your brand’s future, you need to accelerate—not outsource—it. We’re your on-ramp: We’ll help you build the engine and then let you take over the wheel when you’re ready.


What’s the hook that will get people into your stores?

We drive strategy for next-generation retail experiences, working with you to realize your retail vision.
We can create your retail strategy from scratch or join forces with your existing efforts.
We also deliver Playbooks that quickly get you up to speed on the entire retail process and help set expectations.

Locate & Lease

How will you find the best and most flexible properties?

We act as your in-house real estate department, determining the best locations, asset types, and lease terms that will realize your strategy while maintaining long-term flexibility.
We manage the entire leasing process, from scouting and negotiating to signing, and can handle ongoing leases as your retail fleet expands.
Importantly, we are broker agnostic—instead we work with the best people in each market. We help you avoid the little issues that turn into big ones.

Model & Analyze

How will you justify the expense and manage attribution?

We help plan and model all financial aspects of your brick-and-mortar journey, from a single store to the portfolio level.
This includes building attribution models to help understand revenues and expenses in a multi-channel business where it’s often not a zero-sum game.
We stand in as (or help an existing) CFO with deep, experience-based analysis to execute the financial vision of your brand.

Design & Build

How will you build it and who will you work with?

We deploy cutting-edge stores and experiences, turning strategy into reality.
We bring best-in-class architects, designers, and vendors to the table through the FaceLift Collective, ensuring you’re working with the best people for your budget, and handle overall project management.
We act as the single source of truth throughout the process, functioning as the lead project manager from beginning to end.

Hire & Train

In a world where shoppers know more than the people working in your stores, how do you provide the best customer experience?

We help you hire next-generation store teams that are IRL extensions of your brand. We use creative methods to find the best candidates, who often are existing fans of what you’re building.
We train your retail staff to thrive in the new retail era, moving beyond restocking and operating the register.

Assess & Unify

How will you pick the best systems that integrate and scale with your needs?

We can investigate your existing tech stack and determine the gaps that need to be filled to successfully operate your retail stores, while also using them to drive your larger business.
Using our growing database of preferred vendors, we can then help you select the right systems that fit your brand’s needs, including, POS, CRM, in-store analytics and traffic counting, clienteleing, and more.

Market & Evolve

How will you continue evolving and energizing the store once its open?

We help you build marketing strategies that get shoppers in the door.
We bring the A/B testing mentality from online into the offline world. Your store should be a living organism, constantly changing to reflect customer and market feedback.
This includes marketing, visual merchandising, events, activations and more.