Retail Megaphone

Creating and executing robust IRL marketing strategies that get shoppers in the door.

Our Approach

We work with brands and retailers to devise long-term marketing strategies and bring the resources to the table to make them happen. Our strategies begin before a store opens, change focus based on the results of each store opening, and then grow into an ongoing, long-term strategy. We work in a way that continuously reflects back all of our learnings into your company. While in the beginning, you may want FaceLift to handle a lot of the execution, we help you build up the muscle memory along the way to take over the function yourself in the future. We can also help you hire an internal retail marketing team when you’re ready for it.

Our Offering


We devise robust retail marketing strategies that use your brand, customer base and locations to drive traffic using online and offline methods.


We create, plan and manage local events and PR strategy from a corporate level, ensuring consistency and sharing best practices.


We like to be involved before a store opens to well after it goes live, ensuring traffic doesn’t fizzle right after new opening.


We use cutting-edge digital marketing methods, including Facebook and Google ads, programmatic direct mail and out-of-home, email and ecommerce marketing to drive traffic and sales. We also run bespoke research and focus groups to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback.


Importantly, we don’t rely on discounts to drive sales, ensuring you are attracting full-price shoppers.