Store Manager Bootcamp

Turbocharging the impact of your store managers with efficient and practical courses

Our Approach

While we have a core curriculum, we can customize the lessons, timeframe and delivery to suit your business needs, from a full day seminar to weekly, cumulative sessions that build upon one of another. At the end of this bootcamp, your store managers and other front-line leaders will be equipped to act as business owners and will be poised to accelerate their value within the organization, readying them and your store to progress to the next level.

Current Modules


Grit, Growth and Getting to Curious

Set the stage for learning.


Talent Selection

Learn and practice interview techniques. Cover legalities surrounding interviewing.


Feedback, Coaching and the Anatomy of a Checkin

Learn and practice feedback and coaching techniques.


Levels of Delegation

Learn how to use delegation to determine next-level readiness.


Performance Management Practicals

Look at how to successfully conduct a performance management conversation.


Increase the Reach

Explore ways to reach more customers through grass roots marketing efforts.


Control the Controllable

Take a look at a store P&L and determine how to improve financial results.


PIAT (Put It All Together)

The final moment of truth—combine all of the previous lessons and turn them into practical results.