FaceLift Audit

Surveying your retail business with results you can actualize

Our Approach

The FaceLift Audit is deep-dive survey into your retail business that results in an actionable report. The Audit takes a 360-degree view into your retail business from the outside and presents actionable recommendations about how to improve it.

Our Process



We examine your overall retail strategy and customer experience.


Locate & Lease

We analyze your existing real estate by city, asset type and lease terms.


Design & Build

We examine the design intention, budgets and build quality of your existing spaces.


Model & Analyze

We assess your retail fleet’s financial performance and top KPIs.


Hire & Train

We examine your hiring and training operations with a focus on scalability.


Activate & Evolve

We analyze your marketing strategy and ROI from digital, events, PR and more.


Assess & Unify

We study your tech stack through the lens of scalability and connection.
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